Recovery Company provides personalized solutions for supporting companies in the improvement of the process "Order to cash" in all of its stages and facets, identifying the most appropriate procedure to improving the delivery of results.

Recovery Company is Credit Management (Credit Manager certificate Intertek – UNI PdR 44:2018), but fully supports companies in the management of critical situations in specific more or less complex, offering their services of Purchasing Management in the Supply Chain, reviewed the conditions with the providers that already exist, or by identifying alternative suppliers.

The recovery Company has a long experience in the field of Credit Management in different companies, different in type, nature and sector. The flexibility of the method allows, after a phase of analysis, the effective and timely intervention on any type of case studies evaluating costs and benefits.

Recovery Company offers various services, from receivables management outsourcing to the analysis of the portfolio, and thanks to a Partners network offers comprehensive solutions and immediate-small, large and medium-sized enterprises.

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